Jubilee Sailing Trust

Changing lives through adventure and exploration onboard our tall ship, Tenacious, the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) was founded in 1978 and is an international charity headquartered in the UK.

We aspire to be a flagship for social inclusion and a catalyst to create stronger, more resilient and cohesive communities.

Our mission is to:

1.  Strengthen individuals, their life skills, outlook and capabilities, through a life changing adventure at sea.

2.  Build relationships, empathy and understanding across communities through the power of shared activity and experience.

3.  Welcome the most marginalised in society, either by disability or disadvantage and give them the opportunity to be valued and make a meaningful contribution alongside those who are more fortunate.

4.  Act as a flagship for social inclusion, showcasing the power of diverse teams and to demonstrate what is humanly possible. 

Our impressive and unique, custom-built tall ship Tenacious, has been specifically designed so everyone, regardless of ability or experience, can play a full and active role as a member of the voyage crew.  

The adventure and inclusive design of the ships challenge voyage crew to do things that they never thought possible, improving them self-belief, motivation and confidence. The shared experience and teamwork necessary to sail the ship builds mutual respect and trust.  Strong working relationships develop whereby participants take away a new-found confidence to apply in their lives.  

By encouraging crew to work together in this unique environment, our mission promotes inclusion, challenges prejudices, breaks down barriers and empowers our beneficiaries to discover what they can do, rather than what they cannot. 

Since 1978, we have welcomed nearly 50,000 people aboard our two ships. The JST remains, as it has always been, one of the only organisations that routinely brings together people of all ages, genders,backgrounds and abilities in a shared experience based on our strong maritime heritage. 

In recognition of its work, the JST has been accredited by The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  It has also enjoyed 32 years of patronage from HRH, The Duke of York KG, who has provided outstanding support to the Trust during this time.

How to get involved