Tall Ships

We are the UK’s oldest and largest sail training charity, but becoming a sailor is not the only outcome. We are a youth development charity that helps young people redefine their horizons through adventure learning at sea

About us

We take young people aged 12-25 on residential youth sailing voyages on board iconic yachts. Out on the water, under sail, they learn lessons that set them up for life and help them realise their own potential.

To support our mission, we also run a programme of adventurous voyages for adults that directly subsidise our highly effective Youth Development Programme.

Our youth sailing voyages are truly life-changing experiences. They encourage teamwork and participation in an occasionally tough, but safe, environment: through storms,wet weather and living in very close quarters. We equip them with what they need to get the best out of themselves - confidence, social skills and leadership, all on board one of our six vessels.

Our young people come from all over the UK and from all backgrounds. The vast majority of them are either disadvantaged or disabled. We have worked with many youth groups over the years. These include Scouts, Girl guides, Schools, The Rank Foundation,Special Needs Schools, Youth Offending Teams, Young Carers, Police and The Prince's Trust.

We need your support to grow and reach out to more young people than ever before. Please help them today by donating your time or money to help transform their lives. If you would like to get involved with the Trust as a supporter, donor, partner or volunteer please contact us: info@tallships.org 


Donate online via our official website: https://www.tallships.org/donate/make-a-donation/5/credit-cardDonate

By post: send a cheque made payable to ‘Tall Ships Ltd.’ to :Tall Ships Youth Trust, 2A The Hard, Portsmouth, PO1 3PT