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Senior Independent Director

The Board has appointed John Scott, one of the independent Non-Executive Directors to be the Senior Independent Director (SID), to provide a sounding board for the Chairman and to serve as an intermediary for the other directors where necessary.

The SID, in common with all Non-Executive Directors, has the same general legal responsibilities to the Company as any other director. The Board as a whole is collectively responsible for promoting the success of the company by directing the Company's affairs. 

In addition, the SID will:

A. Duties Relating to Members

  • Be available to Members if they have concerns which contact through the normal channels of Chairman or Chief Executive has failed to resolve or for which such contact is inappropriate.

 B. Duties Relating to the Chairman

  • Act as a sounding board for the Chairman and Chief Executive on board and Member matters.
  • Chair the Nominations panel when it is considering succession to the role of Chairman of the Board.
  • Be a conduit, as required, for views by other Non-Executive Directors on the performance of the Chairman, and carry out a formal annual evaluation with the Board (excluding the Chairman) to review the Chairman’s performance.
  • Conduct the Chairman's annual performance appraisal.
  • Be the focal point for board members for any concerns regarding the Chairman, or the relationship between the Chairman and the Chief Executive.

C. Duties Relating to the Board

  • Act as a trusted intermediary for Non-Executive Directors where this is required to help them to challenge and contribute effectively.
  • Take the initiative in discussion with the Chairman or other board members if it should seem that the Board is not functioning effectively. 

To contact John in relation to any of the matters outlined above, please email

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