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Racing Rules Committee (RRC)

There will be a vacancy on the RYA Racing Rules Committee from 1st January 2018.

There will be a vacancy on the RYA RRC. This will be a position for two years, with a possibility that it might be renewed further should a suitable vacancy occur. Judges who have 'rotated' through the Committee in the past have said they found it to be an interesting and stimulating experience. It is also intensive. The committee plans to meet 10 times a year, normally on a Thursday at the Royal Ocean Racing Club in London, starting at 4:30pm and ending around 7:00pm. Meetings may occasionally be cancelled when business is insufficient, in which case prior warning is given at least two weeks beforehand. Meeting dates for 2018 have not yet been confirmed, but should be available shortly.

It is appreciated that not every member can come to every meeting, but good attendance is expected. The meetings are the tip of the iceberg, since much work is done by email prior to the meetings. The Committee decides appeals as well as questions and references under rule 70, typically 15-20 a year. Its members are split into Teams dealing with Rules Publications, the Case Book, Rules Advice, Submissions to World Sailing, Fair Sailing & Quizzes. These operate by email and report at each full meeting. A new member can expect to be appointed to one or more of these Teams. The Committee also oversees over 30 RYA Guidance documents. The RYA pays all travel expenses.  

A candidate must have a good grounding in the Racing Rules and protest committee experience, to at least National Judge standard. Current racing experience is desirable. Younger applicants are particularly welcome, but maturity is no barrier. A background of experience with class rule or equipment protests, or offshore keelboat sailing, would be welcome but not essential. It is intended to confirm the appointment by early December 2017, and unsuccessful applicants will also be notified. Those who have previously applied should not hesitate to apply again - it often takes more than one try to succeed!

To express interest or to find out more, in the first instance please contact Peter Johnson – Chair, Racing Rules Committee, at

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