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It is an exciting time for boating in Wales. We will be launching our Strategy "Together on our Waters" early in 2024, which encompasses our amazing communities, diverse disciplines, our fabulous waters and our intrinsic values to ensure that we are connected, inclusive and inspiring.

I am so proud of boating in Wales, from our local clubs delivering OnBoard sessions to our performance sailors who continue to excel. It is imperative that RYA CW continues to grow and flourish to ensure that everyone has access to boating in Wales.

It is essential that the Board is proactive, engaged and passionate about making a positive difference. The role as a Non-Executive Director (NED) is varied, from embodying the new strategy, driving good governance and training, and supporting the valued operational team to deliver and implement the RYA CW strategy and values. We will continue to evolve and in line with this, we have created a new NED Finance Director role to strengthen the RYA CW Board. We are looking for someone with financial management experience, ideally with an accountancy qualification to support the RYA CW Board and operational team in managing the financial accounts and to work with our CEO in developing a long term financial plan for delivering our new strategy.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please do not hesitate. No previous boating experience is required, just an enthusiasm to share your expertise and make a positive contribution.

Sian Reynolds
Chair RYA Cymru Wales


About us

RYA Cymru Wales is the National Governing Body for sailing, windsurfing and powerboating sports in Wales. We work very closely with the RYA to support members, training centres and affiliates/clubs across Wales, along with the RYA who look after our sports’ interests at the UK and international levels.

We are supported by investment from RYA and Sport Wales, and have a small team spread across Wales who run the day-to-day performance and development activity. This includes youth and junior squads, support to instructors, coaches, and clubs, running events, working with partners and championing our interests with Sport Wales, Welsh Government and others. 

Our vision

We are in the process of revising our strategy and will be continuing this process through the winter through an open consultation. The draft vision is:

Together on our Waters

Hefoi’n gilydd ar ein dŵr

To nurture a connected, inspired, and inclusive Welsh sailing and boating community who come together on our waters. Through this process we have also revised our values, which should influence and inform our thinking and behaviour. They apply to our whole team including our Board and volunteers. They are

Why join our Board

Being a Board member can be a challenge, but it’s also a brilliant opportunity for you to develop your skills, to work as part of a team that shapes the direction of sailing and boating in Wales and to influence activity across the UK.

You don’t need to understand everything that we do or to have tried every sport, or even to have experience of the third sector. As a Board member, you’ll develop your personal and professional knowledge, work on strategy, develop an approach to managing risk and broaden your influencing and negotiation skills in a new context. You’ll also gain insight and knowledge from your fellow Board members, with everyone’s skills being recognised and valued.

Our Board members are volunteers, so the role is not paid but we will cover your costs for travelling and any overnight stays to attend meetings or events.

You will be given a thorough induction to RYA Cymru Wales, the work of the RYA and your role as Board member with us, including:

• An introduction to key team members to help you put together a whole-organisation view.
• Giving you the opportunities to get involved in our events to understand fully the work we do on the ground.
• Ongoing and comprehensive support from the Chair and CEO as needed.
• Support and networking with the rest of the Board to share knowledge and experience.
• Training to support your role including an introduction to safeguarding, equality and diversity.

About the role

We are looking for someone with expertise in finance to join our board as our volunteer Financial Director (FD).

Responsible to the Chair and the Board, the FD will use their experience and knowledge to advise the Board on general financial and accounting matters. You will have oversight of and assist with the preparation of financial reports and forecasts and ensure appropriate financial and risk management processes and controls are in place.

As a Non-Executive Director, you will also contribute to the ongoing development of our strategy, help oversee the successful delivery of it and promote the highest standards of governance across the organisation.

How to apply

What you can bring to our Board is more interesting than where you’ve been working. You can send a CV, but we don’t need you to as you can set out your skills and motivation in a short statement.

We value the knowledge and experiences that you will bring to RYA Cymru Wales including those you’ve developed through employment, volunteering, though study, raising a family – all the aspects of you.

We understand that the application process can be difficult if you have a condition or disability that you live with. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to shine during your application process, so please let us know what we can do to accommodate you.

To apply please send an email to with a short (we’d suggest no more than 500 words) statement explaining how your skills, experience and motivation equip you to be our future FD. You are welcome to include a CV if you would like to.

Selection Process

A small group from our Board along with our CEO will consider your application and hold the first interviews by Teams. From there, the final shortlist will be invited to a second Teams interview and if all parties are happy to go ahead, we will invite you to attend our next Board meeting. Appointments will be confirmed to you with a letter from the Chair. 

Key Dates

• Closing date: 11 March 2024 at midnight. 
• Start date: at earliest opportunity in consultation with candidate

What it means to be a Board Member and Director

The Board act together to lead the work of RYA Cymru Wales. This is done in conjunction with the staff members, including the CEO. The work includes setting the strategic direction, agreeing financial plans, tracking financial and activity progress, and managing risk.

As a Director of RYA Cymru Wales you will have a set of legal duties too; these include:

- Acting within the powers of the Companies constitution.
- Promoting the success of the Company.
- Exercising independent judgement.
- Exercising reasonable care, skill, and diligence.
- Avoiding or managing conflicts of interest.

You can find out more about being a Director here: Being a company director - GOV.UK (

How our meetings work

Being a Board member requires a time commitment from you for both formal and informal events. The appointment is annual and refreshed each year at our AGM. We aim to maintain a balance on the board with members usually serving between 3 and 8 years.

Board meetings are set a year in advance and usually held on a weekday evening, with a further two strategy days usually on a Saturday. To help keep travel to a minimum and reduce the impact on you and the planet, attendance is a mix of in-person and remotely via video conferencing.

We like you to be able to come prepared, so we send out papers a week in advance of a meeting. To get the most from your role, we would like you to be at all the Board meetings each year, plus join the strategy day(s) each year. Our work needs highly engaged and passionate people, so we hope these criteria sound reasonable. The Chair may also wish to discuss with you any other help that might suit your specific skills or areas of knowledge which may create relationships and networking opportunities with other organisations.

More information

If you would like to discuss this role or to get more information, please contact:

Sain Reynolds -


James Stuart -