Committee vacancies


RYA Racing Committee Vacancy

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is seeking to appoint a new member to the RYA Racing Committee (RC).

The RC is a senior policy-forming committee working on behalf of the RYA Board. It is a volunteer group responsible for setting policy and advising, challenging and liaising with RYA staff within the RYA Racing Department.

The specific purposes of the Racing Committee include:-

  • Developing the RYA’s policies and strategies to ensure the RYA meets, and is seen to meet, the needs of the racer, the clubs, and classes;
  • Increasing the number of people involved in racing;
  • Raising and maintaining the quality of racing;
  • Encouraging diversity and promoting equal opportunity;
  • Assisting member clubs, classes and regions in achieving the Committee’s purposes;
  • Ensuring RYA Racing’s communication with racers, clubs and classes, is effective, and meets the needs of RYA Racing and RYA Racing Specialist Groups;
  • Advising on, and approve, proposals from the Performance Strategy Groups;
  • Determining strategy, and co-ordinating UK participation and influence, on international racing bodies, in particular World Sailing and EUROSAF.

RC is authorised to act on the RYA Board’s behalf in pursuit of the above purposes and has specific authority to:-

  • Define, to submit to the Board for approval, and to monitor the implementation of policy and strategy in order to achieve the Purpose;
  • Liaise with the RYA Participation and Membership Committee over the implementation of their marketing strategy;
  • Create and dissolve sub-committees, specialist groups, and formal or informal working groups for specific purposes provided that the Committee retains supervision and oversight of the same;
  • Members of the Committee will liaise with Specialist Groups as and when necessary and will ordinarily be associated with Specialist Groups in which they have expertise or a specific interest;
  • Maintain oversight of various racing sub-committees;
  • Regulate policy and strategy, in liaison with other RYA groups and committees as necessary, on proposals relating to RYA Racing’s international relations, particularly with World Sailing and EUROSAF. To approve UK submissions to those bodies;
  • Approve proposals on RYA Racing’s strategy for delivering the Performance elements of the RYA Strategic Plan (other than the RYA’s World Class Programme and Whole Sport Plan);
  • Invite specialists as required to attend meetings of the Committee.


The RC are looking for additional members to replace outgoing members that have completed their terms.

The RC usually meets 4 times per annum (in person or virtually) with at least one meeting being in Hamble and one in London, however much of the day to day discussion and review of documentation and policy is conducted by e-mail.

The RC fulfils a key function within British Sailing and active participation and commitment to attend meetings is essential. Members are reimbursed for any associated expenses at standard RYA rates. 

The successful candidates will have knowledge and experience of some of the following areas:

  1. Knowledge of competitive Sailboat/Windsurf/Kiteboard racing, including:
    1. Team Racing
    2. Match Racing
    3. Keelboat Sailing
    4. One-design and development class racing
    5. Multihull Sailing
    6. Club Racing
    7. Junior and Youth international sailing competition

  2. Working with class associations, clubs and other volunteer organisations;
  3. An understanding of the climate of Performance Sport and its implications within the British Sailing Team or British Youth Sailing framework;
  4. An understanding of the importance of diversity to the future health of our sport;
  5. Setting, reviewing, and assessing the impact of policy usually prepared by department staff;
  6. Ability to deal with emotive subjects in an impartial way;
  7. Appreciation of, and experience with, digital developments within sailing e.g. eSailing
  8. A working knowledge of other Racing Groups, Committees and the RYA Board

To express an interest in this vacancy please email before Monday 12th July.

Candidates will then receive by return email, a request for a sailing CV giving their experience and interest in the marine/sailing industry, as well as an application form to complete.

Closing date for the completed application form and sailing CV is Monday 26th July 2021.