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Becoming a Partner

Why become a partner?

  • Opportunity to earn additional revenues
  • It's free to take part
  • There's no risk. If it doesn't work all it has cost is a few minutes of your time to add a few links!
  • We will add value to your site
  • We will provide a revenue generating ‘exit strategy’ for your site's visitors
  • We're using a sophisticated tracking system that keeps our Partner Programme fair and honest
  • We're offering quality products that people respect, enjoy and benefit from
  • We have strong web sales that will help convert traffic to buyers so you can earn more from your referrals
  • We offer generous commission (link) and a ‘return-days policy’ with a 60 day cookie tracking system

How do I become a partner?

Register your details and sign up here.

What happens next?

If you are eligible to join the Partner Programme you will be emailed your Partners Programme login details.

How much will it cost me?

Nothing, only time to set up the links


If you are an organisation with a suitable website and we can see that your audience would benefit from any of our products then you're eligible (subject to Terms & Conditions).

Linking to the RYA webshop

How do I link and how do the links work?

You can add links from your website to the RYA Shop, product categories, or individual products. The Partners Programme section of the RYA website (login required) contains several types of links. Once a visitor clicks on a RYA Partners Programme link a tracking cookie is saved to their computer, this is used to identify any commission generating transactions on the RYA website. The tracking cookie expires 60 days after the link was last clicked.

How do I add the banners or links?

Adding links to your website requires some knowledge of HTML. Once you have identified the link you require you will need to copy and paste the link HTML code into the HTML code of your website.

Will the link open a new window or simply redirect my visitor to the RYA webshop?

To comply with web accessibility guidelines the links do not open in a new window.

I have the traffic but just do not seem to be able to make any sales

Please contact the Publications department to ensure the landing page(s) you are linking to is working as it should. You may also benefit from access to online 'affiliate help sites' offering advice on how to make the most as an affiliate partner:

Earning commission

How much commission can I earn?

We pay 8% commission on eligable product sales.

How do I know how much I've earned?

There is a dedicated accounts page for you to see how much commission you’ve earned.

When do I get paid?

Payments are made quarterly.

When are the commission periods?

They run in line with the calendar year

  • Q1 January - March
  • Q2 April - June
  • Q3 July - September
  • Q4 October - December

Why haven't I received my commission?

This could be either because there have been no referral sales so check with the hints and tips page, check statistics or haven’t reached the minimum payment level of £25.

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