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Partners Programme

The RYA Partners Programme is a web affiliate programme which allows external websites to earn commission by promoting RYA Publications and Membership.

Make money

As an RYA Partner, you can earn up to 8% commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links to the RYA Web Shop on your website and in email newsletters.

Qualifying new memberships referred by you can earn up to £10 per transaction.

For full details of the RYA Partners Programme see the User Guide.


The Partners Programme is now available to all suitable commercial and charitable organisations (subject to approval). So join up now by simply completing our registration form.  

Commission payments

Commission will only be paid to any partner when they have earned more than £25. For UK partners this will be issued on a quarterly basis however for overseas partners this will be issued on a yearly basis. This is due to costs being incurred by both parties when overseas BACS payments are paid and received.

Terms and Conditions

 For full Terms and Conditions to the RYA Partner Programme, please click here.

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