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Learn to windsurf with the National Windsurfing Scheme

The scheme combines a unique coaching methodology from Professional Windsurfing Coach, Simon Bornhoft, called Fastfwd. This is a memorable and incredibly effective coaching system that offers remarkable improvement for every level of windsurfer beyond the Start Windsurfing course.

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Start Windsurfing

A course for complete beginners

Intermediate (non planing)

Introducing you to our Fastfwd coaching technique, helping you fine tune basic skills and make your windsurfing faster and more fluid

Intermediate (planing)

The second part of the Intermediate course, building on your skills to get the board planing.


Additional clinics help you master dynamic transitions, advanced planing techniques, the waterstart and infamous planing gybe
Assumed knowledge None The Start Windsurfing course. Should be able to sail on all points of sailing in light winds At the practical level of the a start windsurfing ability. You should be able to sail on all points of sailing in light winds. Competent Intermediate level with the ability to sail in footstraps and harness in planing conditions
Minimum duration 8-10 hours 8-10 hours 8-10 hours 8-10 hours
Course content Teaches you the basics of windsurfing using the right equipment New techniques such as the beachstart and harness work will get you ready for the excitement of blasting control. Beachstarting and gybing are taught either as a separate clinic or within the course, tailored to an individual’s needs and the teaching environment New techniques such as faster tacks, use of the harness and getting in the foot straps, will get you ready for the excitement of blasting control. Beach starting and the basic technique of the carve gybing are also taught within this course or as separate clinics, tailored to suit individual’s needs and the environment. Dynamic transitions, advanced planing techniques and waterstarts are broken down and simplified, backed up with relevant theory. Waterstarting, carve gybing and other advanced skills such as advanced carving and bump and jump, can be taught as part of a course or clinic, or as an ongoing learning experience
Ability after course Able to sail to a chosen point on the water and return to where you started from in light winds Able to sail on all points of sailing in stronger winds, using beachstarts and faster tacking and gybing Be able to sail on all points of sailing in a variety of conditions using faster tacks and the harness, giving you a true feeling of just how exhilarating this sport can be. As you progress through this level, you will also be able to use the foot straps and understand the beginnings of a carve gybe. Improved blasting control to aid early planing, tacking on a variety of boards in varying conditions. Additional clinics help you master the waterstart and infamous planing gybe
Find a Training Centre Start Windsurfing Intermediate (non-planing) Intermediate (planing) Advanced

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