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Teaching in the Classroom

Having a high level of subject knowledge is not enough to make a good instructor. It's also vital that we can interact effectively with students in the classroom, both on an interpersonal level and as a teacher. Of the many skills demanded from instructors, the ability to impart and check knowledge in a structured, engaging and adaptable manner is of equal importance to having subject knowledge well beyond that of the syllabus.

From 1 March 2019, anybody wanting to start teaching RYA shorebased courses will need to undertake a ‘Teaching in the Classroom’ course. Exemptions will be made for:

  • Yachtmaster™ Instructors
  • Holders of a valid subject-specific RYA Shorebased Instructor certificate
  • Holders of a professional teaching qualification such as PGCE or CertEd

Unless you are exempt, the Teaching in the Classroom course must be completed before attendance on any of the following Shorebased Instructor courses running after 1 March 2019:

  • RYA Shorebased Navigation Instructor (required to teach RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship, RYA Day Skipper Shorebased and RYA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster™ Offshore Shorebased courses)
  • RYA Diesel Engine Instructor
  • RYA First Aid Instructor
  • RYA Marine Radio (SRC) Assessor
  • RYA Radar Instructor

Instructors wanting to teach the RYA Basic Sea Survival or RYA/World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival courses do not need to complete the Teaching in the Classroom course.

Note: In some instances an action plan, following a subject-specific Shorebased Instructor course, may require completion of the Teaching in the Classroom course even for those who are exempt.

Training course 

Comprises an online pre-learning module which takes approximately one to two hours followed by a one-day classroom session run by an RYA Trainer.

Delegates will be expected to prepare two lessons in the time between completing the online module and attending the classroom session. These lessons will be delivered during the classroom session with the opportunity to gain feedback from the Trainer.

Lesson subjects will be allocated according to the candidate’s upcoming instructor course subject or experience.

Course Dates and Online Booking Form 

Minimum age
Required RYA certificates 
  • An RYA practical instructor certificate in any discipline,  or
  • The certificate(s) required to undertake one of the shorebased instructor courses listed above. 
Required teaching qualifications  No previous teaching experience is required but some experience of teaching or instructing is recommended.
Pre-course knowledge and experience
No previous teaching knowledge is required but you must have instructor level knowledge in at least one of the shorebased courses listed above.
This course is not assessed but delegates will be given constructive feedback about their teaching ability. The delegate report from this course will be made available to the Trainer running the  subject-specific Shorebased Instructor training course.
Qualified to teach
This qualification alone does not qualify you to teach any RYA shorebased or practical course – it must be combined with an additional instructor qualification.
Five years, after which online revalidation will be required.
RYA membership

 Note for Yachtmaster Instructors

Although YMIs are not required to complete the ‘Teaching in the Classroom’ course, from 1 March 2019 they will be required to undertake the two-day ‘Shorebased Navigation Instructor’ course before being able to teach RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship, RYA Day Skipper Shorebased and RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster™ Offshore Shorebased courses.

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