Looking to the future


We're at the point in the Covid19 pandemic where people are beginning to plan and look to the future and wejust wanted to reassure you that the RYA is no different.

Since the start oflockdown we've encouraged everyone to follow the government�s clear desirefor people to stay at home and save lives and we would like to thank everyonefor their support of this stance.�

At thesame time, in conjunction with other sports and agencies, we've been inconstant communication with government to facilitate a return to boating assoon as practical and in accordance with any future government advice. We believe that as an inherently sociallydistanced outdoor activity, boating should be one of the first to restart as weemerge from lockdown.�

We expect an announcement fromthe UK Government this week on their thinking on initial relaxation of currentlockdown restrictions so are now developing a �Return to Boating�strategic principles which aims to create consistency across the boatingcommunity whilst also providing you with the necessary guidance to implementlocally, taking into account all unique considerations you will need toconsider and review.

In the meantime, we encourage you to start considering the following:-

  • How could your club facilitate activity which minimises the risk of transmitting infection? (including operating within any necessary social restrictions, adequate cleaning & hygiene measures and deciding which communal areas of the club will need to remain closed)
  • How can your club reduce the likelihood of a callout to emergency services? (enhanced risk assessment/management, maintenance and safety)

We'll be doing what we can tosupport you through this process and are planning a series of interactivewebinars through our #SailFromHome programme which will attempt to address eachpoint in turn and will include topics like effective risk management, safety,maintenance and activity which can be facilitated within social distancerestrictions.�

As ever, there are plans to capture and share examples of best practice and innovative thinkingso please reach out to us if you have already made significant progress in thisarea.�

We can assure you that the entireRYA is looking forward to a phased return to normality where boating can takeplace once again, hopefully sooner rather than later and will keep you informed and updated withregards to our �Return to Boating� planning.

Please do contact us if youhave any feedback, questions or concerns.��