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Remembering your safegaurding policies

As clubs implement their plans to re-start activity on the water, it's important not to overlook the need for policies and procedures to safeguard the welfare of young people and adults at risk.

The lockdown period when people have been isolated, either alone or with their families or carers, separated from other loved ones, and haven't been able to socialise with their friends, may have affected their confidence or their mental health, or put a strain on relationships.

Even if you're not yet able to run any formal training or activities for young people or adults at risk, if they're coming to the club with other members of their household you should still ensure that members are aware of your policy and that you have a designated Welfare Officer they can contact if they have any concerns. Our posters, which can be downloaded here: Safeguarding posters, include space to add your Welfare Officer's details, and information on organisations to contact if a young person or adult at risk needs help or if a member is concerned about them.

Many clubs are making good use of social media channels and e-Racing to keep their members engaged. There's guidance on keeping young people safe online on our website: Club Guide to Social Media

If you need to carry out Disclosure checks on members who will be volunteering with children or adults at risk in the future, or if your volunteers could benefit from safeguarding training (online or virtual while classroom training isn't possible), or if you've appointed a new Welfare Officer but they haven't yet been in touch with the RYA, it's a good time to catch up. For more information see


Podcast from British Keelboat Sailing

Using the opportunity of the lockdown to look deep in to the sport, British Keelboat Sailing launched a podcast series recently looking at Team Racing, Match Racing and Two handed Offshore Racing.

In episode four of the podcast, chair of the Team Racing Working Group, Arthur Henderson speaks with Fiona Tyle cote from Rutland Sailing Club and Ben Palmer from Thames Sailing Club about how they use team racing within their clubs.

From building a club spirit and friendly rivalry with neighbouring clubs to help sailors young and old integrate and gain invaluable racing experience and lessons both clubs have found team racing to be a useful tool.

You can find the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer and Spreaker

If you have any questions about how Team Racing could help your club please email