'Return to play'for boating with crews from different households

You may have seen a few weeks ago the RYA has published RYA Guidance on sailing& racing with participants from different households during COVID-19 in England  which provides clear direction to those who enjoy sailing and racing as part of a team.

This guidance has been prepared as part of the RYA's guidance in conjunction with the UK Government Return to Team Sports Framework and the RYA has successfully demonstrated that participants from different households can sail and boat together provided they understand the risk and implement the most appropriate mitigations.

The RYA strongly believes that the highest risk will often be before and after going afloat which is why the security of venues such as clubs remains a priority. Similarly, individual circumstances relating to a club and the outcome of risk assessments may lead some clubs to decide.

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The guidance highlights the increased risk of certain on-board activities such as rigging, hiking out or two person winch operation. It also recognises that while social distancing of1m+ may not always be possible on-board, it should always be possible to maintain a minimum separation of 0.5m. Mitigation of the risk of being separated by less than 1m can be provided by reducing the time spent in close proximity, avoiding face to face contact and not shouting. The role of face coverings is also considered.

We have incorporated these developments into the existing club guidance on restarting boating and the Q&A document for clubs. The Guidance on Restarting Racing document has been merged with the Guidance for Clubs in England document.

Latest guidance in the Home Countries


This week RYA Cymru Wales have released Covid19 Guidance on sailing and racing with crew from different households.

The RYA Cymru Wales General Guidance for Boating Activity and Guidance on Major Events and Covid19 continue to remain critical documents for any venue planning to host sailing activity, along with all applicable Government regulations. More information can be found here.


RYA Scotland's guidance is reflective of the most recent/updated position for the Scottish Government's Covid-19 Route map (Phase 3). Our guidance is tailored towards Scottish based RYA affiliated clubs and recognised training centres and is designed to aid your decision making process and planning. Guidance information can be found here.

Northern Ireland

Here is the RYA Northern Ireland C19 guidance on sailing and racing from different households. More information and updated Club Guidance can be found under the RYANI Return to Boating webpage.