Online Risk Management Support – Are you benefitting?

Online Risk Management Support – Are you benefitting?

RYA Affiliated Club, Recognised Training Centre & Affiliated Organisation Insurance Broking partners Gallagher continue to offer existing RYA Affiliated Clubs, Recognised Training Centres and Affiliated Organisations’ customers access to a useful online risk management support tool - at no additional cost.

Following the success of the initial launch of the portal in 2018, Gallagher continue to automatically provide RYA Affiliated Clubs, Recognised Training Centres and Affiliated Organisations who arrange their insurance with them, free of charge access to a useful online risk management portal.

Ben Bennett (RYA Account Manager, Gallagher) recently met with Gareth Brookes of RYA to discuss this in greater detail and recommends that Gallagher clients take time to fully evaluate the key benefits of the portal which neatly compliments the advice, guidance and support provided by RYA in respect of water-based activity:

Q. So, what is the online risk management portal and how might affiliates find access to the site beneficial?

A. With the support of our insurance partners (Zurich Insurance PLC t/a Navigators & General) we at Gallagher are pleased to continue to offer our insured RYA Affiliated Clubs, Recognised Training Centres and Affiliated Organisations value added services that support their operation. Operating a Club, Training Centre or Affiliated Organisation can be very demanding and this tool can help support individuals in the management of risk proactively.  The ‘Health & Safety Click’ portal is provided without charge to all existing Gallagher clients and feedback from those using this tool in recent years has been extremely positive. Having access to such a resource can be extremely beneficial and we continue to encourage all of our RYA Affiliated Clubs, Recognised Training Centres and Affiliated Organisations to make good use of it

Q. Great, so what are the key resource areas within the portal and how might affiliates find them useful, alongside the wealth of support relating to water-based activity, provided by us at RYA?

A. Essentially, the website provides three main areas of interest for insured affiliates alongside an e-learning tutorial, as follows:

1. Health & Safety - Our Health & Safety Service is a robust and proactive service, which enables organisations to comply with the complicated requirements of Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations

2. Human Resources Area - Our Human Resources Services are designed to provide help and information concerning the employment of workers to organisations that employ staff but do not benefit from having their own HR team. The considerable weight of employment legislation can be particularly overwhelming to smaller organisations and this can be a valuable reference tool

3. Business Continuity Area - Business Continuity Planning may be the very thing that keeps you operating even when minor disasters strike. In an uncertain world, you owe it to yourself to be an organisation that is confident of being ‘back in operation’ in the quickest possible time

Q. Does the facility provide any topical updates to users?

A. Yes, absolutely. In addition to the core resource areas mentioned already, the portal provides access to topical ‘hubs’ – for example providing a detailed COVID-19 hub and accompanying ‘business reactivation toolkit’ – assisting organisations with the return to activity following COVID-19 disruption. Other topical ‘hubs’ have been provided in recent times, including a ‘Brexit hub’ to assist those organisations who have been affected by legislative changes and regular email bulletins are provided on all of these updates – to all registered users

Q. So, how can I gain access to the portal if my organisation is already insured with Gallagher and what if we are do not currently place cover via the Gallagher Insurance facility?

A. If your organisation places cover with Gallagher, you (or your designated insurance contact point) will have been provided with access. If this is not the case, or if the contact has recently changed, please do contact your dedicated Gallagher RYA Account Handler who will be more than happy to arrange duplicate access, on a one licence per Club basis. If you do not currently place cover with Gallagher but are keen to discuss this further in order that you may benefit from the Health & Safety Click portal, please do not hesitate to contact us, using the details provided at the end of this recording.

For further questions or advice regarding insurance, contact the Gallagher Team.

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