Are you ready for the race course?


With the new Racing Rules of Sailing coming into effect from January 2021, make sure you�re ready for a new year on the race course by picking up one of the new RYA rule books.

Read on to find out more about the rule changes and our range of titles�

What are the Racing Rules of Sailing?

The Racing Rules of Sailing are compulsory for racing sailors all over the world. Published by World Sailing, the international authority for the sport, the rules are updated every four years.

Why choose RYA rule books?

As the World Sailing Member National Authority for the UK, the RYA set �National Prescriptions� (variations to certain areas of the rules) and publish them together with other addenda in a handy, pocket-sized, waterproof publication.

As well as detailing the World Sailing rules, the RYA Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024�(order code YR1, RRP �10.99) is the only publication available that includes the RYA�s National Prescriptions - essential for understanding racing in the UK.

Putting it into practice

The RYA also publish two further titles to help sailors understand and reference the rules with ease.

The�RYA Handy Guide to the Racing Rules 2021-2024�(order code YR7, RRP �4.49) is available in both print and eBook formats. A useful pocket guide and simplified view of the basic racing rules, it is essential reading if you are new to racing, or want a straightforward overview of the basic principles.�

The digital eBook edition is ideal for accessing the rules quickly and easily on your phone or tablet, whenever and wherever you need them.�

Also in the series is�RYA The Racing Rules Explained 2021-2024 eBook�(order code E-G80, RRP �17.99) written by Trevor Lewis, former Chair of the RYA Racing Committee, a World Sailing International Judge and acknowledged rules expert.

With detailed explanations of each rule, the eBook also features case book examples from World Sailing, RYA, USA and Canada making it the most relevant title available.

Learn from the experts

Earlier this year the RYA launched a free series of videos aimed at racing sailors and aspiring race officials to introduce and explain the rules.

The series is available now on the RYA YouTube channel. Find out more here.

The RYA has also reviewed and updated the Racing Rules Guidance book to bring it in line with the new rules. The guidance includes a summary of the changes to the rules, with a handy table highlighting various rule number and title changes, useful for anyone updating notices of race or sailing instructions.

The booklet is available through the World Sailing and RYA Books apps as well as a PDF download from the RYA website.

Get your copy

All the RYA Racing Rules of Sailing titles are available now on the RYA web shop �� RYA members can take advantage of a 15% discount on all RYA publications.

The eBook editions will also be available through the RYA Books App, as well as Apple Books and Google Play Books.�

For more information about the 2021-2024 titles, as well as other RYA racing publications visit��