'Born on the water'


Following her first senior medal on the Olympic circuit – a silver medal win at the World Cup Series final in Marseille, France, we take a look at the inspiring story of Olympic windsurfing hopeful Saskia Sills.

Twenty two year old Saskia from Launceston in Cornwall is a former world champion at youth level and a key member of the British Sailing Team, with her sights set on representing Britain at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

However her ride to the top has been anything but smooth – two years ago she underwent surgery to her forearms for debilitating compartment syndrome that almost ended her career.

The documentary, called Born on the Water, charts Saskias’ life in windsurfing from learning to sail on a lake in Devon with her family to competing in junior competitions alongside her identical twin sister Imogen.

It follows her rise to the British Sailing Team and the challenges she has faced on and off the water as she juggles the rigours of being an elite athlete with recovery from injury and a university education.

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Documentary produced by Murch Films. Image credit, Lloyd Images.