PY Racing


Following a recent appeal case where a club had not specified the handicap system or how they would score their racing. we wanted to draw your attention to some of the things that you need to remember when writing your notice of race and sailing instructions.


Within your notice of race, it is a requirement that you detail the type of racing you will be doing (RRS J1.1(4)). Will it be handicap, class, or pursuit racing? This section should also say how you will assign the number to each boat for example. “Event organisers will use the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system using the RYA base list to assign handicaps to each boat”. You can then go on to detailing how you will adjust numbers and finally how you will score the races ie. Will it be first boat across the line or will you be applying a handicap system.


The Racing Rules of Sailing sets out the requirements for your notice of race and sailing instructions in Appendix J and Clubs, Classes and their race officials should review against the requirements of Appendix J when writing NoR's or SI's. Recommended wording for Notices of Race & Sailing Instructions can be found here. Further guidance on the PY Scheme can be found on 

If a club has any questions around the PY system, or how best to write suitable rules, please feel free to contact the Technical department on or call 02380604200 who will be more than happy to help answer your questions.