Equipment Inspection



Many classes are experiencing bumper entries for their national championships this year, following the year away due to COVID. This has bought many older boats out of retirement having had a year of in the workshop. This potentially means that boats could be turning up to events without measurement forms or correct measurement certificates and therefore be in breach of class rules.


Key things to check for at equipment inspection:

  • Measurement Certificate – Is this in the owner’s name and address and have they signed the certificate? Has the boat had work done that requires a re-measure and new certificate?

  • Corrector Weights – Do the amount, weight and position of correctors match the measurement certificate

  • Personal Flotation Devices - RRS 40 is often changed in the NOR or SI’s so check what is specified and the standards these devices should be built to, often stated in the class rules, section C.

  • Towlines – Often stated in class rules, ensure towlines are correct length and diameter. If required to be tied to the mast at all times, check at equipment inspection.

  • Sail Numbers – RRS Appendix G1.2 changed at the start of this year. Please check sail numbers are clearly legible when the sail is set and also that national letters and sail numbers shall be in capital letters and Arabic numerals (NO DIGITAL 8’s)

  • Measured Sails – Are the sails measured and labelled and signed either with a class measurement sticker, an RYA measurement sticker or a World Sailing IHC sticker.

If you are unsure about something you see at an event then check the class rules, talk to the class technical officer and feel free to contact RYA Technical for advice, at or call 02380604200.

Remember the aim of equipment inspection is to make the playing field fair for all sailors as they head onto the water each day.