Love windsurfing - This Girl Can

“You just feel so free, it’s just amazing”

In support of the This Girl Can campaign we caught up with OnBoarder, Nieve Ball and fellow junior female windsurfers, at Burton Sailing Club to find out what windsurfing means to them.

“I’ll be going along really fast and then my friends will go past, and we will just both smile and it’s something we can share together which is really cool.”

As the epitome of 'This Girl Can', Nieve was a runner-up for the Panerai Challenger Trophy in 2020, winning £2,500 for her own windsurfing plus £5,000 to further her club’s OnBoard programme, enabling the club to buy windsurf sails, a board as well as communication equipment.

Perhaps Nieve and friends will one day join the likes of British Windsurfer, Emma Wilson, who won an Olympic bronze medal for windsurfing at Tokyo 2020. Emma becomes the only second British female windsurfer to win an Olympic medal. Congratulations Emma!

Emma Wilson pic?

Want to know more about This Girl Can which aims to get women and girls moving, regardless of shape, size and ability – click here.

Feeling inspired

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Anyone can experience the thrill and exhilaration of windsurfing, it’s great fun and rewarding to learn. There's nothing like blasting across the water so whether you want to crack the carve gybe, speed off the start line, experience the thrill of foiling or sail with your friends and family, there's a course for you.

With the right equipment and high quality RYA instruction, you should pick it up in no time. Find out more about RYA Windsurfing courses.


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