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What the RYA in the Midlands can do for you:

There are more opportunities than ever to get involved in boating in the Midlands.

It is our job to make it as easy as possible for you to take part in whatever activityyou want, to whatever level you want, whether you are interested in dinghy or yacht racing, motor and sail cruising, RIBs and sportsboats, windsurfing, inland cruising or personal watercraft.

Fresh air, exercise, social interaction, personal challenge, competitiveness and, most importantly, fun, all combine in whatever type of boating you are interested in.

Boats come in all shapes and sizes too with prices to suit every pocket. Did you know, you don’t even need to own a boat to start sailing in the Midlands as many clubs have different boats that members can borrow or hire for often less than £5 a session.

Whether you want to join a club, do a course or just find out what goes on near you, go to the Where’s My Nearest section of the RYA website.

The Midlands Regional Volunteer Team (RVT)

The Midlands RVT members are boating enthusiasts who have spent a number of years within their respective disciplines, often including serving on their local club committees, and are now committed to helping develop the sport at a regional level.

The RVT works closely with the Regional Development team, led by the Regional Development Officer (RDO) to identify where the volunteers can make the most significant contribution. For example, they may act as the prime liaison with some clubs.

By virtue of their experience RVT members can offer a range of advice including:

  • Helping keep clubs informed of, and promoting, RYA activities
  • Having the knowledge and contacts to advise on local planning, environmental, navigation and lease renewal issues
  • Encouraging the nomination of outstanding young sailors for the RYA Regional Youth Champion awards
  • Helping clubs with funding opportunities/contacts
  • Managing regional fleets or other resources
  • Representing boating interests on local advisory committees, sports forums, steering groups, harbour boards and similar bodies, liaising with and reporting back to, or getting input from, the relevant RYA departments as necessary

Helping people get into and continue to enjoy our sport is our only motivation. One of the best things about our sport is there is always something new to learn! So what are you waiting for?