Meet your Regional Development Team

Regional Development Officer

RYA Regional Development Officer for the North East

This is Sam Usher - your Regional Development Officer for the RYA north east region.

Sam covers the whole north east region,working with the region’s clubs and training centres to develop regularparticipation in sailing and windsurfing, promote best practice in volunteermanagement, and maintain and improve safety & training standards at all the regions RYA Training Centres.

He works with clubs and centres to identify and introducenew activities they want to run, advising on funding and facility improvementswhile also building and promoting local community partnerships.

RYA Training Centre recognition, organising regionalinstructor training and conferences are a key part of his role.

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Sailing Development Officers (SDOs)

Working with the Regional Development Officer are a team of Sailing Development Officers who work closely with clubs and centres, helping them formalise and implement their club development plans, to achieve the goal of more people sailing more often.They work across all RYA programmes and support the work of the RDO at a more local level. Your initial SDO contacts are:

Yorkshire & Humber Area


North East Area

Bruce Temple