Triage Group

Triage Group

The Triage Group is a small group of NW Region Committee members who examine current events and prioritise our involvement and reaction to local, regional and national issues.

Triage - the process used in accident and emergency departments when sorting treatment priority for the wide range of patients who turn up there – has been adopted in the RYA North West Region to help the boating community tackle a wide range of issues that do not fit under another heading.  

The Triage Group is a small group of NW Committee members who deal with issues referred by clubs or ones that they or other members have spotted.  

The Triage Group reviews:    

  • applications for marine licences (construction activities below the high water mark, dredging, disposal of waste at sea) all require a marine licence granted by the Marine Management Organisation (a government body)    
  • proposals for new environmental protection zones (such as SPAs - Special Protection Areas and MCZs - Marine conservation Zones)

The applications and proposals are monitored by the RYA in Hamble who draw the group's attention to those affecting the region. The triage group review them, in consultation with local clubs where judged appropriate, and advise Hamble (as well as any local clubs concerned) of any perceived threats to recreational boating.

Should you become aware of issues in the North West region that might impact on boating please make us aware of them by emailing our Hon Secretary  Peter Hadfield.