RDO Blog - November

Robbie Bell's blog for November

Hi all,

It�s certainly been a busy month, with lots happening in the Region and plans well underway for next season.

Affiliated Club ConferencePicture of Robbie RDO

The major event that has taken place was the RYA East Affiliated Club Conference on Sunday 29 October at the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook. This saw a huge number of 115 people attend from over 40 clubs in the region. The day saw plenty of enthusiasm for the Regional Plan (which can be found here if you haven�t already taken a look) and lots of people thinking about what they can put in place over the winter to reduce drop-off and plan activities for next year.�

Participation Pathway Jigsaw Reminder

Looking ahead to next season, as clubs are finalising their programmes for 2018, there is no better time to ensure that you have your key participation pathway jigsaw pieces in place. Are you providing for your members� needs whether they have just joined or been a member for many years? If you need a refresher of the jigsaw you can find it here.

Winter Workshops 2018

With the New Year not far away, we are looking at Winter Workshops for February, and would like these to reflect what the clubs need. Maybe you�d like more help planning for next season, or you�ve identified a particular project you�d like to get off the ground but need some help and advice in getting started � if you have any suggestions please do email me at Robbie.bell@rya.org.uk

Volunteer and Instructor Development Opportunities 2018

As per the Regional Plan, we are keen to provide more volunteer and instructor development opportunities over the winter and spring, including more Senior Instructor training. Again, please do let me know your club�s needs.�

OnBoard Relaunch

With OnBoard having been relaunched during the 2017 season, there have been keen responses from clubs that are Training Centres to gain accreditation. Why not have a look at the website to see the benefits, take a look at the terms and think about how OnBoard can support your aims of growing junior participation and club membership? We are welcoming new applicants to the scheme.

RYA and Yachts & Yachting Club of the Year

Applications for RYA and Yachts and Yachting Club of the Year 2018 are now invited and the closing date for expressions of interest is 20 November. Has your club successfully implemented a project or strategy that has led to increased membership or activity? Please do think about applying, and contact me if you need any advice.

Save the date!

Don�t forget that Push the Boat Out 2018 will be for the whole of May, so there is plenty of time to get it programmed into your Club�s programme.

Keep in touch!

Don�t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook - and keep sending us your stories of achievements, new membership initiatives, and events through which you have encouraged newcomers into sailing.

Hope to see you all soon,