SW Race Management Training Coordinator’s Report – 2018-2019


SW Race Management Training Coordinator’s Report

  • Training in the region has been spasmodic over the last year, but two Regional Race Officer courses have been run, with over 20 people completing the two-day courses.
  • The RRO course was renamed the RYA Race Officer course (still RRO!), so members will not be that surprised that the RYA have just decided to revert to the old name – confusion or what?
  • National Race officer courses tend to be organized from RYA HQ and none have been staged in the South West Region.
  • Clubs have continued, to some degree, to carry out their own training. During Tony Wood’s period as RDO he tried to encourage clubs to take advantage of the free (or nominal cost) race management training that is available within the region, but success was limited. Yet another task for the new SWRDO!
  • Yacht racing within the region has been no better than stable and numbers have fallen in some areas. Efforts to stimulate interest, through changes to handicapping systems or types of racing, have been tried by many clubs.
  • Dinghy racing has seen a resurgence in some areas, though local fleets tend to be a mishmash of handicap fleets, and one-design classes are still struggling with numbers. This has led to far more handicap-based events and ‘average lap’ races. All changes of this nature require race officials who are able to deal with this type of racing.
  • To assist race officers, the RYA is still organizing mark-laying courses, together with GPS instruction usage. Clubs are encouraged to look at training for their members who may not want to be race officers – just assist in race organization.