SW Sailability Update for 2019 AGM


RYA SW Sailability 2019

This is an update on Sailability activity in the South West regionin 2019, it includes participation figures and some of the highlights from theregion.

Role of theDisability Development Officer in the region

To develop regular participation in sailing, powerboatingand windsurfing for disabled young people and adults, and to maintain and improvestandards of safety, training and volunteer management at Sailabilityorganisations, RYA affiliated clubs and recognised Training Centres (TCs) inthe designated region.

Regional Plan forSailability

  • Develop regular activity for disabled people
  • Promote the appeal of boating to disabled people
  • Increase the range of club and centre activities that are accessible and inclusive
  • Establish partnerships with local disability community organisations
  • Develop pathways and programmes for disabled people to get on the water regularly
  • Increase the number of clubs and centres that are part of the Sailability programme
  • Recognise the skills and achievements of disabled participants
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of the volunteer paid workforce  

Sailability in the South West Region

  • 27 sites
  • 23 are RYA training centres
  • 2 new sites in 2019
  • 2 sites closed
  • 10 are commercial centres or charities operating centres
  • 4 operate yachts or tall ships
  • 5 are part of a sailing club
  • 7 operate independently or are affiliated members of a sailing club
  • 1 narrow boat site  

Measuring Success

Sailability’s activities run from April to April, below are figuresfrom April 2019 to August 2019, with the figures from 2018 as a comparison.  At the time of writing we don’t have completefigures for September, hence their omission.

  • Participation April 2018 to August 2018 – 4159
  • Participation April 2019 to August 2019 – 4618
  • 9.9% increase in 2019 against 2018
  • Regular sailors April 2018 to August 2018 – 1582
  • Regular Sailors April 2019 to August 2019 – 1818
  • 12.9% increase in 2019 against 2018
  • A regular sailor is someone who sails more than twice in a month.

The increase in both participation and regular sailors is theresult of a number of successful projects, a number of groups increasing theircapacity or operating an extra day and also more groups moving into racing andregular activities to engage sailors.   

Successes, Achievements and Updates

Andrew SimpsonSailing Foundation

Their centre in Weymouth has delivered taster days that haveresulted in very successful regular sailing sessions for local special schools.The regular sailing club is now well established and often over-subscribed.This project is across all three of their sites, one of which are in the SouthWest region. The project is funded by Children in Need.

WhitefrairsSailability and Alzheimer’s UK

Whitefrairs Sailability have been working with Alzheimer’sUK to develop their offer to sailors with dementia, they have been offeringregular sailing sessions with their local Forget Me Not group and have beenused by Alzheimer’s UK as a national case study on sailing.

Disability AwarenessTraining course

Sailability redesigned their Disability Awareness Trainingcourse in 2018, to better reflect up-to-date training methods and it includes anumber of completely new topics, such as mental health.

This new disability awareness training course has now beencompletely rolled out across the region and all sites have now been informedthat they can only use the new course. There are still a small number ofinstructors who have not completed their update, as well as a waiting list ofnew instructors. This will be addressed over the winter with courses for both.


There are now four sites/groups using or about to use thenew Sailactivity digital sailing activity tracking tool. This measures a sailor’sactivity and creates useful information for groups to use in fundingapplications and presentations to potential sailors and sponsors.


Sailability’s new marketing campaign for both national leveland individual sites has now been rolled out across the region to all sites.

SailabilityMulticlass Regatta 2019

Sailability’s annual Multiclass Regatta took place in Julyat WPNSA. It was the largest event we have ever run, with 127 sailors, makingit one of the biggest para sailing events in the world. As well as normal fleetracing, we had team racing and a keelboat league with teams from Help forHeroes, Limbpower and British Blind Sailing taking part.   

Dates for the Diary

Sailability National Conference 2020 – 15th February 2020,venue Whyboston, Bedfordshire