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Powerboat Racing

From the thunderous P1 class, right through to phenomenal hydroplanes, powerboat racing offers a fantastic mix of an extreme watersport and thrilling competition. There’s a discipline or class to suit all ages and the camaraderie amongst racers both on and off the water will make your feel like one of the family.

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If you’re craving an adrenaline filled lifestyle full of speed, glamour and excitement then powerboat racing provides the ultimate thrill. Whether you’re interested in offshore, circuit or jet sport racing, once you take to the throttle you’ll soon be hooked.

How do I try?

There are plenty of ways you can get into this exciting sport and powerboat racing clubs are a great place to start. You can find offshore and circuit racing clubs and many will be able to offer you a taster session, introduce you to other enthusiasts and provide some advice on how to progress.

Naturally, racing classes require a certain amount of training and experience to compete in but many classes welcome beginners including the Thundercats, GT15 and Formula 4s. The RYA’s Powerboat courses are a great way to get to grips with the basics of driving all powerboats which will make you feel more confident when progressing into powerboat racing.

Many clubs and classes will offer their own form of race training for you, after you’ve learnt to drive. Once you decide to start racing you’ll need apply for a Powerboat licence.

Powerboat Racing is a family sport for people of all ages with youngsters able to start from the age of nine. Many racing clubs will be able to help with training for youngsters.

An alternative route in for under 16’s is the Honda RYA Youth RIB Championship. These events take place at sailing clubs and centres across the UK with weekly training, regional heats and the national final each year at the Southampton Boat Show in September.

How much does it cost?

Although powerboat racing can cost a fortune, it certainly doesn’t have to. Many racing clubs will have boats you can hire which means you will be able to train and practice and possibly even complete without having your own boat.

If you do decide you want to buy your own, it’s possible to find second-hand boats. Take a look on racing club noticeboards or on the class’s websites for what’s available.

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Personal Watercraft (PW)

Personal Watercrafts (also known as jet skis) are about speed, thrills and excitement, all of which can be delivered at the turn of a key. Delivering high speed and fast acceleration, a PW will provide you with a real adrenaline rush and guarantees a day out full of excitement.

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