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Certificate Translations

As Yachtsmen travel further afield, the acceptance and knowledge of RYA certification by port officials is of greater importance. The ICC often assists, but the countries to which RYA certified skippers now venture far outstrip its scope.

We cannot make every country accept our qualifications, but the translations of the practical certificates below should make it easier for port officials to understand them and make an informed decision. By selecting the dot that corresponds with the country and the certificate or syllabus you require, download the relevant translations for the certificate you hold and take them with you.

Certificates of Competence exam syllabi and certificates endorsed for commercial use

International Certificate of Competence


Powerboat Level 2 certificate
Powerboat Advanced certificate of competence  
Day Skipper certificate
Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Coastal certificate of competence  
Coastal Skipper/ Yachtmaster Coastal /Powerboat Advanced exam syllabus
Yachtmaster Offshore certificate of competence
Yachtmaster Offshore exam syllabus  
Yachtmaster Ocean certificate of competence
Yachtmaster Ocean exam syllabus  




Sail cruising certificates and course syllabuses

Start Yachting course completion certificate 
Start Yachting course syllabus     
Competent Crew course completion certificate     
Competence Crew course syllabus
Day Skipper course completion certificate     
Day Skipper course syllabus 
Coastal Skipper  course completion certificate     
Coastal Skipper course syllabus





Motor Cruising certificates and course syllabuses

Helmsmans course completion certificate    
Helmsmans course syllabus
Day Skipper course completion certificate    
Day Skipper course syllabus
Coastal Skipper course completion certificate    
Coastal Skipper course syllabus




Powerboat and Personal Watercraft certificates and course syllabuses

Powerboat Level 2 course completion certificate
Powerboat Level 2 course syllabus    
Powerboat Intermediate course completion certificate
Powerboat Intermediate course syllabus    
Powerboat Advanced course completion certificate    
Powerboat Advanced course syllabus
Personal Watercraft proficiency certificate
Personal Watercraft course syllabus    

 Queries regarding certificate translations should be directed to the Training Department email or telephone 023 8060 4181.

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