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Chartering Abroad

If you are chartering a vessel abroad, you will generally need evidence of your competence. As the vessel is unlikely to be British flagged, it is necessary to ask the charter company for advice on what evidence will be acceptable.

There is no international requirement for another country to accept a UK qualification in place of their own - except for under certain conditions full STCW qualifications (for working aboard large commercial vessels).

The RYA scheme is UK based.  The RYA cannot force the governments of other countries to accept its certificates as evidence of the holder's competence. It will therefore be up to the country in question's maritime authority to advise whether or not your ICC or another RYA certificate is acceptable.

When planning your overseas charter, it is prudent to obtain from the charter company (preferably in writing) details of the certification they require, what cruising area this is acceptable for and that this certification will meet the requirements of their insurance.

In case you are asked for evidence of your competence in the places you visit during your charter you should also confirm that your evidence of competence will be acceptable to the maritime authorities in the area concerned.

Certificate Translations

As yachtsmen travel further afield, the acceptance and knowledge of RYA certification by port officials is of greater importance. The ICC often assists, but the countries to which RYA certified skippers now venture far exceed its scope. 

The RYA cannot make every country accept its qualifications, but the translations of the practical certificates provided on the RYA website and on the reverse side of newly issued certificates should make it easier for port officials to understand them and make an informed decision.

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