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HM Coastguard restructure

RYA working to ensure that current service levels are maintained and improved.

The RYA wants to achieve

  • No diminution in the current service levels as a result of the HM Coastguard restructure.

RYA position

  • All HM Coastguard services that are currently delivered should continue at the same level or be improved including: search and rescue, provision of maritime safety, information and VHF voice communication.

RYA involvement

The RYA is content that the MCA (Maritime & Coastguard Agency) has fully considered the issues raised by the RYA response to its two consultations and that the restructuring involves changes to the management of the Search and Rescue service (how the service is delivered) rather than provision of the service ( what is delivered).

The availability of lifeboats, rescue helicopters, Coastguard Rescue Teams and other rescue facilities in the area will be unaffected by the restructuring.

Current status

The RYA continues to monitor the restructure. The Government aims to complete the restructure, with all operational systems realigned to new structures and delivering services to the public by April 2016.

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