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    Round 3 Wind Farms

    The best way to find detailed information about a Round 3 wind farm development is to register on the developer's website for regular updates and details of upcoming consultations.

    UK Wind Farm Map

    Offshore Wind Energy Map 

    This map is courtesy of The Crown Estate.

    Round 3 Projects

    Following the publication of the UK Offshore Energy Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in January 2009, The Crown Estate identified 9 offshore "Round 3" wind farm zones of varying sizes within UK waters to deliver the capacity identified in the SEA.

    Renewable energy developers were asked to bid for exclusive rights to develop offshore wind farms within the Round 3 zones. Each Round 3 Zone will be developed differently, with some developers opting to develop the zone in stages, with multiple projects in each zone, and others focussing on a single project.

    The developers of the various Round 3 zones are now undertaking environmental and engineering studies as well as liaising closely with stakeholders to define individual projects within the zones. Construction of the first Round 3 project is expected to start in the middle of this decade.

    The links in the table below will take you to the developers' websites for detailed information about the wind farms. By clicking on the links in the "stage of project" column below, you will be directed to the project page on the National Infrastructure Planning or Marine Scotland website.

    Round 3 Zone Name Project(s) within Zone Stage of Project Other information
    1 Moray Firth Telford Consented
        Stevenson Consented  
        MacColl Consented  
    2 Firth of Forth Phase 1: Seagreen Alpha Consented
        Phase 1: Seagreen Bravo Consented  
        Phase 2: Seagreen Charlie Scoping  
        Phase 2: Seagreen Delta Scoping  
        Phase 2: Seagreen Echo Scoping  
        Phase 3: Seagreen Foxtrot Scoping  
        Phase 3: Seagreen Golf Scoping  
    3 Dogger Bank Creyke Beck Decided Development consent for this application has been granted
    Teesside A&B Decided Development consent for this application has been granted
    4 Hornsea Project One Decided Development consent for this application has been granted
    Project Two Decided Development consent for this application has been granted
    5 East Anglia East Anglia ONE Decided Development consent for this application has been granted
    East Anglia THREE Decided Development consent for this application has been granted
    Norfolk Vanguard Recommendation Planning Inspectorate to submit recommendation by 10 September 2019
    6 Southern Array Rampion Decided Development consent for this application has been granted
    7 West Isle of Wight Navitus Bay Decided Development consent for this application has been refused.
    8 Bristol Channel Atlantic Array Withdrawn
    9 Irish Sea Rhiannon Withdrawn


    How is the RYA Involved?

    Has the RYA been involved in the Round 3 projects?

    The RYA was heavily involved in the initial consultation process surrounding the selection of the nine Round 3 development zones that now exist. While some sites are located in areas with relatively low recreational boating use, the RYA objected to several of the sites during the early stages for navigational safety reasons.

    Whilst the RYA may have concerns about the locations of some of the Round 3 zones, the development of renewable energy installations was a core policy for the previous Government and the current Government continues to regard renewable energy as a key theme for its tenure. In addition, given that leases have now been granted by The Crown Estate, there is no realistic prospect of varying the areas already allotted for offshore wind farm development. Since the zones were allocated in 2010, our focus has been on limiting the interference with the ports and shipping industry and on yachting and maritime safety of navigation and tourism.

    As with each wind farm development over the past 13 years, the RYA has been contacted by each Round 3 developer, been involved in the consultation process to date and been invited to both private and public meetings to discuss recreational navigational safety.

    It can be assumed at this stage that due to the advances in technology the turbine towers will be larger in size and fewer in number compared with those found in the Round 1 and 2 sites. This will mean the turbines will be more widely spaced and, so far, the RYA has been successful in discussions to maintain access through the sites for passage-making by recreational craft.

    The RYA will continue to represent all forms of recreational boating and is recognised by all Round 3 developers as the representative body for the recreational boating sector. As such, it is our intention to continue to negotiate directly with all the Round 3 developers, DECC and the Planning Inspectorate as appropriate, and in liaison with our habitual lobbying allies, in order to protect as far as possible the interests of recreational boating.

    The RYA's Concerns

    What are the RYA concerns and how can you make your views heard?

    In addition to making developers aware of general navigational safety issues associated with offshore structures, the RYA also raises issues related to specific wind farm developments with their respective developers. However, our response can be strengthened by local responses from members, clubs and training centres.

    This is especially true during the community consultation phase of the pre-application work undertaken by developers. Responding to the developers' pre-application consultation is the best time to influence a project, whether you agree with it, disagree with it or believe it could be improved. The developer has to set out how he will consult the public in a Statement of Community Consultation. It is extremely important that the local community engages with the consultation process both during this stage and later when the application is formally submitted to The Planning Inspectorate or Marine Scotland.

    You can find out more information on the developers' websites using the links in the Round 3 projects tab above.

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