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Advanced Mooring Systems

Advanced Mooring Systems (AMS), or eco moorings, are mooring systems designed to have less impact on the sea bed than conventional swing moorings. They aim to minimise interaction with the seabed to prevent abrasion and therefore the potential to damage sensitive habitats. The term Advanced Mooring System has been adopted to emphasise the improved measurability of mooring load potential offered by these systems.

There are no current legislative requirements to use AMS, although licensing authorities, mooring providers and users are keen to explore the use of this technology further as a potential tool to help reduce impacts from boating activities (replacing conventional moorings and as an alternative to anchoring) on sensitive seabed habitats.       

These pages are a collaborative effort, designed to provide a useful resource to explore what AMS are, the types and manufacturers of them, to give examples of existing trials and projects, to host a variety of reports and study documentation, and to provide a means of collating further information as the AMS landscape evolves.