Disposal of Pyrotechnic Flares

Find out the latest news on the disposal of pyrotechnic flares.

The RYA seeks no reduction in disposal facilities currently provided by the MCA and ultimately we would welcome an end to compulsory carriage requirements.

While the MCA continues to mandate the carriage of pyrotechnic flares by recreational craft instead of non-pyrotechnic alternatives, we strongly believe that the MCA must provide a comprehensive disposal service for such pyrotechnics at no cost to the user.

Although it might be arguable that a recreational boater should incur some cost in relation to such disposal if they choose to buy pyrotechnics, it is unreasonable to expect a recreational boater to pay for such disposal if they are required by law to buy pyrotechnics.

The RYA wants to achieve

  • No reduction in disposal facilities provided by MCA

  • An end to compulsory carriage requirements where they are applicable

The RYA has successfully

The RYA has successfully argued that parachute or rocket flares which are arguably the most dangerous, should be removed from the compulsory carriage requirements for private pleasure craft that are 13.7m (45ft) or more in length.

The RYA position

The RYA is acutely aware that many boaters have great difficulty in getting rid of out of date flares. For that reason we urge everyone to think carefully about the alternative means of raising a distress alert and for pinpointing their location.

These days there are modern devices that are more reliable, effective and timely and we will continue to seek an end to compulsory carriage requirements where they are applicable.