RYA members can now enjoy 25% off the RRP of a DATATAG COMPASS Outboard Motor AND Boat Motor System-

Many thousands of boats and outboard motors are stolen each year with thieves often causing serious damage to boats in the process. The COMPASS electronic identification system is designed to act as both a powerful deterrent against theft and as an invaluable aide to recovery in the event of a loss. The system is designed in such a way as to be easily installed by the owner of the Boat/outboard motor.

The COMPASS system contains everything that is required to protect your Boat/outboard engine including:

  • Datatag's "Stealth" UV etching technology - almost invisible unique UV etched numbers which cannot be washed off
  • Datatag Datadots® - hundreds of microscopic unique identifiers in a UV trace silicon glue
  • High quality ultra destruct warning label with QR code - a visible deterrent to thieves and almost impossible to remove
  • Datatag Glass tag electronic transponder with a unique embedded identification number - hidden inside the engines wiring this technology requires no power and cannot be erased or reprogrammed

Installation of the DATATAG security technologies contained within the COMPASS system gives your boat a unique "fingerprint" that can be established, by the police or the insurance industry, in a number of different ways. The unique identity is virtually impossible to remove however hard a criminal may try, providing a significant theft deterrent factor.

All Members - 25% off RRP on a DATATAG COMPASS Outboard Motor System and DATATAG COMPASS Boat Motor System- (+p&p) with no annual registration fees

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