Sail Mates

The RYA has teamed up with Sail Mates to offer RYA members specially negotiated discounts across the Sail Mates range.

Designed and made in Slovenia by Bulb - Wind in Your Pocket, Sail Mates are small magnetic model boats for simulating the situations on the racing field. They help coaches to easily explain and sailors to understand the rules of sailing, sailing tactics and much more. They are also an excellent tool for sailing analysis, used by race officers, umpires and the members of the jury. Sail Mates are made of special plexiglass, are completely waterproof and can be customised to your own design.

Pathway/Personal/Associate Members - 10% off with Sail Mates
Gold Members - 15% off with Sail Mates
Accredited Members - 20% off with Sail Mates

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