Kalamata Marina Greece

Viewing the impressive mountain of Taigetus, Kalamata Marina is situated next to the city’s center and the main harbor, thus being an integral part of the town of Kalamata. So, guests of the marina are able to enjoy the life and the services being offered by the historical city of Kalamata. 

Kalamata Marina is a fully organized marina with a capacity of 250 berths, situated in the city of Kalamata, famous for the combined atmosphere of the old and modern times. There are dry docking facilities for about 150 boats, with a 60-ton travelift. The marina, offers a full range of technical services covering a wide range of maintenance and repair works. Within the shore area surrounding the marina there are a fair number of facilities providing various services for customers and guests, such as shops, offices, refreshment bars, a restaurant, offices for the rental of boats and cars. The marina operates all year round.

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