Pure Latitude Boat Club

Pure Latitude is a smart, affordable and hassle-free alternative to boat ownership.

Boat Club membership provides flexible and cost-effective access to a wide range of sail and motor boats in exchange for a set fee per month. With just a simple 12 month commitment, boating has never been so flexible. You can book a boat for just one day if you wish.

The popular training and event programs provide a clear pathway to achieving your boating ambitions, whether that is simply to have fun with family and friends, skipper a boat, explore new destinations, gain an RYA qualification or go yacht racing.

Learning about boating never ends. Although the same could be said for many activities, when it comes to boating, experience really is everything. The formal RYA syllabus ensures you have the range of knowledge needed at each level, but it’s having a way to practice, test and develop your skills during a regular day on the water that turns knowledge into expertise. Skippering boats is a continuous journey, not a simple destination.

Pure Latitude Boat Club creates the environment for members to spend whatever time they need skippering, be that with family and friends, on a 1:1 basis with an instructor or in a small group setting joining one of the club’s popular events. In all cases, a bespoke approach allows members to focus on the specific things that matter to them.

All RYA members will receive a FREE day of instructor time when joining on a 12 month membership plan – worth £250. The day can be used to polish specific key skills or as part of a formal RYA course.

All members - FREE day of instructor time when joining Pure Latitude Boat Club on a 12 month membership plan