Exposure Lights

Exposure Lights is offering RYA members the chance to take advantage of some special discounts on their range of compact, lightweight, rechargeable LED marine lights. Developed from their renowned cycle lights, the technology includes high power search lights, (visible up to 3 nautical miles), with red beam, SOS, strobe and fuel saving modes, packed into a very small, lightweight, buoyant casing.

British made, choose from the compact XS work torches and emergency lights pack, to the 1300 lumen, award winning, MOB personal searchlight. The MOB uses a combination of motion and water to activate a high power strobe, visible in day and night which really could be a lifesaver.

Pathway,Personal, Associate Members - 20% off Exposure's marine torches
Gold Members - 30% off Exposure's marine torches
Accredited Members - special offers and products

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