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Exposure Lights are delighted to offer exclusive discounts for RYA members on the MOB safety lights, RAW Pro Head Torches and range of OLAS safety alert products.

Far more than just torches, Exposure Lights combine high powered LEDs, search capabilities, precision engineering and our patented MOB Technology to create floating, water activated strobes. Meaning your search light doubles as a position indicating light when in the water.

Their LED and search and rescue products have been rigorously tested and refined through close partnerships with the world's top offshore sailing teams, where reliability and function are mandatory. Resulting in our patented MOB technology lights, which are now specified on all Volvo Ocean Racing yachts. The Exposure RAW Pro head torch has become the professional sailor's choice.

"When we sail at night we are looking for the best lights; that are reliable. We use always the same trim torch, the MOB Carbon. With the MOB system if someone falls into the water we can throw it in the water knowing it will act as a MOB light. It is the perfect one for me." - Charles Caudrelier, Dongfeng Race Team Skipper, Winner Volvo Ocean Race, 2017/18

Exposure RAW Pro Head Torch

The RAW Pro is a waterproof, light weight, high power white and red beam head torch. Engineered specifically to excel in the harsh marine environment, you can rely on it in any situation! Unique single click operation allows quick and easy access to both colour outputs and multiple power modes. A lightweight aerospace aluminium casing gives ultimate strength in a tough, unforgiving environment.


OLAS stands for Overboard Location Alert System. It provides a scalable, wireless safety system for motor and sailing vessels up to 80ft in length. OLAS creates virtual tethers to crew, family, pets and objects ensuring that if they fall overboard an alarm is triggered. 

OLAS transmitters are synced up with the receivers on board. The OLAS system operates in the background, continuously checking to ensure all crew, family and pets are still within range, wherever you are on the water. When the virtual tether is broken between a receiver and a transmitter, such a crew falling in:

  • the receiver triggers a loud alarm and high powered red emergency light
  • the OLAS mobile app guides you back to the point of the incident

 Instant alert to an overboard incident enables rapid recovery to be actioned.

Exposure OLAS Core

The OLAS Core is a compact, portable, overboard alarm and emergency light system which:

  • triggers the OLAS alert system within 2 seconds of a person falling overboard
  • can easily be switched between vessels, no need for hard wiring, or installation.
  • connects with up to 15 OLAS wearable transmitters and cover a vessel up to 50ft
  • is ideal for offshore sailing and personnel transfers

Pathway,Personal, Associate Members - 20% off OLAS and Exposure marine lights
Gold Members - 30% off OLAS and Exposure marine lights
Accredited Members - 40% off OLAS and Exposure marine lights

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