RYA fast track certification

*Currently not available*

You're about to leave to go off on the boat for your summer holiday, you've got all your documents to hand... but wait! Your ICC is just about to expire! What to do? The RYA can help by offering a fast-track service for urgent processing of all RYA certificates including ICCs, SRCs (VHF), Commercial Endorsements, Yachtmaster™ Certificates and Instructor Qualifications.

The fast-track service can be used either by callers-in-person to RYA House or by post, when we undertake to turn the certificate around in 2 working days (often less) and post back to you first class. The fee for this service is £38 to non-members, £21 to members, £16 to Accredited members, £10 to Gold members and FREE to Life members in addition to the standard processing fee.

Currently not available
Pathway/Personal/Associate Members - RYA Fast Track Certification £21
Gold Members - RYA Fast Track Certification £10
Accredited Members - RYA Fast Track Certification £16

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