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Motor cruising

Motor cruising

Coastal motor cruising is a great fun and sociable way to spend time afloat. Just picture you and your family powering across the open sea – it’s certainly an exhilarating and thrilling experience.

One of the great things about coastal motor cruising is that you can cover large distances in a short period of time. You do not even have to rely on the wind conditions being favourable, just get out there and start exploring.

Sum it up

Motor cruising is all about exploring the coastline in comfort and style. Allowing you to cover large distances quickly, and providing cooking, eating and sleeping facilities, a motor cruiser could quickly become a second home for your family!

Try it out

Your family could charter a motor cruiser with a skipper for a day trip whilst on holiday abroad, or look more locally at the many RYA Training Centres which offer charters and run taster days.

What you'll need

When starting out you won’t need much kit as the RYA centre that you choose will provide all the necessary safety kit you need. Many of them will also have wet weather clothing that you can borrow or hire.

Get a qualification

The RYA's Helmsman's course (minimum age 12) is the ideal course for beginners; it is a two day course and teaches basic helmsmanship, boat safety and boat handling skills.

Please be aware that age restrictions apply for certain courses.

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