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Windsurfing is often seen as an extreme sport that provides thrills and excitement. However, it is also a great way to enjoy a beach holiday or a day out at a more laid back pace. Whether you want to ride big waves, to compete in slalom or course racing, to sail freestyle, or to sail for fun whilst on holiday, there is something for you.

So, if you want to experience the adrenaline rush of skimming across the crests of waves then give windsurfing a shot. You can sail in a huge number of places, both in this country and abroad, inland or on the coast, the choice is yours!

Sum it up

Enjoy the thrill of an extreme sport! It’s a simple sport, which is easy to get started. With practise and tuition you’ll quickly perfect the different manoeuvres and techniques you see being performed by the pros.

Try it out

Many RYA Training Centres, sailing clubs and schools offer taster sessions so you can give windsurfing a try. Or why not have a go when you’re on holiday?

What you'll need

To learn to windsurf you won’t need much kit as normally training centres and clubs will have boards and a wetsuit for you to use. There are some basics that might be helpful though - sunglasses, sun block, a rash vest and maybe a pair of wetsuit boots. Apart from this all you need is a towel, some trendy beach shorts and a rash vest!

Get a qualification

The Youth Windsurfing Scheme offers a beginners Stage 1 (minimum age 8) course which teaches all the basics of setting up the board, rig set up and the principles of sailing a board.

Please be aware that age restrictions apply for certain courses.

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