Make the most of the racing action happening in your club this summer and submit your PY returns for the 2017 season now.

 The RYA collects and analyses race result data throughout the year in order to produce the dinghy and multihull 2018 PN list. Getting these baseline figure in place is the most important thing in being able to tailor adjustments for clubs so if you haven't submitted any returns for your club yet, why not start now?

Clubs have until early January 2018 to submit results for the season, however we would encourage you to upload as much data as it happens throughout the season, allowing the RYA to begin analysing returns straight away, and furthermore saving club committee members a large job at the end of the year.

How does it work?

The RYA produces a PY list each year, which is made up from returns submitted throughout the racing season. This produces an average number gained from all clubs across the country, including all classes sailing in different types of conditions sailed by all levels of sailors. The scheme allows sailing clubs across the UK and abroad to run successful mixed fleet handicap racing. The PY scheme and the RYA rely on sailing clubs to return their club racing data to help build up data specific to them so a handicap can then be created for that class at that club.

 How to make a return?

Result can be submitted via the PY Online Website or by completing The Electronic Return Form. If your club is not already signed up to the website, you can register online. To produce a usable return, clubs need to make sure the numbers returned accurately reflect your club's boats performance on your club waters. By analysing race results, the website will then offer a list of recommended PY numbers forming a club list, which is catered specifically to your club.

The PY Online Website also offers registered clubs further features, including an interactive map button where sailing clubs and classes can easily promote racing and race officials and measurers can be located. Clubs also have the opportunity to create a club page with links to their websites and information on events

 If you’d like to find out more about the PY scheme or would like to schedule a PY talk at your club in the coming months please contact: