Having an integrated digital strategy is key to any successful business nowadays.

Pardon? What's that again?

But while sailing clubs might not consider themselves multimillion pound corporations vying for customers, you are trying to grab, and most crucially, keep people's attention in the face of so much competition and so many other distractions.

Time is the most precious commodity now. People have to be almost over-convinced to invest in you. So, when it comes to connecting with people and inspiring them to take action - in your case, come sailing with you - grasping the power of online is as important in volunteer-led community sport as it is big business.

Many of you have recently been refreshing your websites and loads of you already use Facebook. But are you using them in the most effective ways to engage with new audiences and to convince more local people that sailing is genuinely something they too could have a go at and enjoy?

If you attended an RYA Affilated Club Conference you may have caught one of the workshops from SocialB which explained the things someone with even limited experience of website and social media can get to grips with to help you increase demand for what you do. 

If you were unable to attend or would like a refresh here are the slides from the three workshops:

  1. Re-vitalising your Facebook page - your Facebook page can be an effective tool to reach new members and to keep existing members engaged. This workshop will explore how to keep your Facebook page up to date with the most appealing content.
  2. Reaching potential sailors through boosted Facebook posts - boosting a Facebook post is an effective way to grow attendance at and increase retention from Open Days and Start Sailing courses. We will explore how to create a good post and use free and paid for boosting.
  3. Making your website more effective- how to make sure your club website is an effective shop window to attract potential members.

As well as delivering face-to-face workshops, did you know Social B have also produced loads of resources available to clubs to support your online marketing efforts? Website and Facebook webinars including on being found online, setting up Facebook & what to post and saving time online can all be downloaded from the Club Zone section of the RYA website here (club login required)

 Marketing Your Club You will also find useful tips on knowing your customer and the link to Sport England's super helpful Sports Market Segmentation web tool, through which you can really get an idea of the numbers and types of people in your area you could target.