We conducted the first annual RYA Club Membership Census (Survey) in 2013; repeating it in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Our aim is to feedback to you the key observations or learnings in the Autumn via our team of Regional Development Officers, at Affiliated Club Conferences and formally via publication of an ‘Insight pack’. In order that the Insights we produce are robust and credible, we need at least 85% of all affiliated clubs to respond to the Census each year. The more comprehensive the information you supply the more insightful and intelligent we can be about advising and supporting clubs going forwards.

In achieving such a high rate of response we are developing a very robust picture of club membership trends. Responses to some of the newer questions are generating important insight both for ourselves and clubs to track and pay attention to, in order to be most effective in the future. 

With a high degree of confidence we are able to say that club membership across England has experienced a very slight decline (-1%) since 2015, but shows an increase of 3.4% since the census began in 2013. 

Our confidence in this assertion continues to increase year-on-year, as clubs are increasingly engaged in the provision of this data. The propensity for clubs to need to estimate some of these important figures (versus routinely monitoring this information) is declining. 

Half way through the Census period, 25% of clubs have responded so far

The 2017 Census began back on the 6th June so has been underway for just over 5 weeks. We are currently at 26% responded in England, 30% in Northern Ireland, 15% Scotland and 18% in Wales. Thank you, if you have already responded to the Census.

In order to have time to analyse the data and create the Insights document in time for the Conferences in the autumn we aim to achieve the 85% response rate by mid August.

Action required: If you have not yet responded, please ensure that you submit your information by the 14th August. By completing the census before 1200 on 14th August 2017, your club will automatically be entered into a prize draw. One club will be selected at random to receive a £500 prize of their choice, and two additional clubs will each receive a £250 prize.

If you have misplaced the original e-mail with the link to the Census, please contact clubdev@rya.org.uk . You can also view the full list of questions, but please note that the online system applies logic so you only see relevant questions based on your previous responses and the numbering changes accordingly. Also lists are randomised, so items will appear in a different order when you submit your information online.

Any questions regarding the Census please e-mail clubdev@rya.org.uk

RYA Affiliated Club Conferences - Save the date. (venues tbc)

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 Region Date 
 East 29 October 
 North West 04 November 
 South West 11 November 
 Midlands 18 November 
 North East 25 November 
 London and South East 02 December 
 South 03 December 
 Wales (North) 05 November 
 Wales (South) TBC 
 Scotland TBC 
 Northern Ireland  TBC