Boat Owner Survey launched to support work on Brexit 

In support of its work representing recreational boaters during the Brexit process, the RYA needs data on how and where boat owners use their boat.

We are keen to get as many responses as possible to the survey, from all areas of the country, illustrative of all of the boating interest the RYA represents. Anyone who owns a boat (whether they are member of the RYA or not) is invited to give the RYA details of where they keep and use their boat by completing the survey.

Completing the survey is quick and easy and should take most people less than 3 minutes. The survey is on the RYA website at

The RYA would be grateful if you could publicise the survey to your club members.

If you have a club noticeboard with space, please download the poster

RYA Fishing Gear Incident Reporting Form

For many years the RYA has been concerned by reports of boaters who have experienced fouled propellers and entanglement with sea-fishing gear such as nets, pots and associated markers, flags and lines.

While fishing equipment cannot be charted, the RYA believes that it should be properly marked and lit so that it is visible by both day and night. However, existing legislation is focused on marking of static fishing gear for the purposes of identification rather than for collision avoidance.

Evidence of the danger that poorly marked static sea-fishing gear causes to the boater is however scarce. The RYA has data from forms submitted to it by boaters in the late 2000s, but fresh data is urgently required if the extent of the problem is to be demonstrated to the relevant government agencies.

The RYA has therefore developed a simple online reporting form, which boaters can complete to help to collate quantitative data to support boaters’ concerns.

We would be grateful if clubs could promote our Fishing Gear Incident Reporting Form and encourage club members who experience entanglements to report the incident to the RYA. Without input from boaters we will never have the necessary data to demonstrate the danger of poorly marked static sea-fishing gear.

The RYA Fishing Gear Incident Reporting Form can be reached and shared using the link - observations of poorly marked gear can also be reported.

If you have a club noticeboard with space, please download the poster