For nearly 40 years, Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG) has been a name familiar to the RYA as its long-term and trusted provider of bespoke insurance solutions for its accredited sailing and yachting clubs, associations and approved training centres.

AJG client feedback in recent times suggests that, whilst the liability exposures of RYA clubs and training centres have been generally recognised and understood, the exposures and risk management between class associations and clubs when hosting class association events has remained an area of confusion and concern.

What are the exposures of Class Associations?

Like clubs and training centres, class associations have a similar level of risk exposure in respect of organised training and events, despite not owning their own facilities or premises.

In effect, if the session/event is being held under the auspices of the class association (as the organising authority issuing the Notice Of Race (NOR) and/or entrance/participation fees are being paid to the class association), then the Public Liability risk will fall entirely with the class association, regardless of where the activity is taking place.

Why do Class Associations need their own Public Liability Insurance cover when events are hosted at RYA Clubs?

RYA clubs may well be asked to host class association training and events, however, aside from perhaps the provision of safety boat cover, they may not be directly involved in the running of the event or activity.

Generally, in these circumstances, clubs act as a ‘host’ only and are not involved in the collection of entrance fees and are not actively involved in the running of such events. In such cases, it is extremely unlikely that the Public Liability insurance cover held by clubs will extend to cover individual class associations and, therefore, class associations should ensure they carry their own Public Liability insurance cover.

Whenever considering hosting a class association event, clubs are advised to check with their insurance providers to ensure that their involvement (at whatever level it may be) is acceptable to their respective Insurers and, therefore, covered.

How might the Public Liability exposure of a Class Association be reduced?

Class associations may enter into an agreement whereby the clubs organise the training and events. The club would issue the NOR and would, therefore, be deemed to be the organising authority (in which case, in our view, the club would also be the party collecting entrance fees, etc.). In such cases, generally class associations will play no role in the collection of entrance fees or coordinate/organise activities on the day.

In these circumstances, the individual class association will almost certainly have a very modest risk exposure, however, checks should be made in advance with respective clubs in all circumstances to ensure that the event/activity is suitably covered under the club’s own Public Liability insurance policy.

Our Class Association needs Public Liability Insurance – What are the next steps?

Arthur J. Gallagher is able to offer a competitive insurance solution to class associations which will provide suitable indemnity against potential Public Liability risk exposures.

This information is intended as general guidance only. Should you require specific insurance advice, if you wish to discuss this in more detail, if you require a quotation for your class association, or if you are an existing Arthur J. Gallagher policyholder and would like to discuss any aspect of your existing cover, please call us on 01384 822279 or email: and we will be delighted to help.

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