Throughout the UK there is a remarkable array of people who work together to create vibrant clubs that introduce and retain large numbers of people from a range of backgrounds and thereby ensure our sport and our clubs continue to thrive. In 2007, in order to recognise and promote their outstanding achievements we launched this exclusive Award for clubs. 

Last year the RYA relaunched the Award seeking to reflect the latest insight and intelligence regarding what makes a vibrant and successful club. Five categories were introduced, with clubs being selected as finalists each category. 

For 2018 the RYA is keen to encourage clubs to look to the future and positively embrace the challenges ahead to ensure the network of sailing providers is in the very best position going forwards. RYA Club of the Year Award is just one way to recognise those clubs who are already engaging in innovative practice and celebrating their success in some of these areas. 

If your club has successfully implemented a project, or strategy that has led to increased membership or activity in one of the five categories below,  now is a great time to start thinking about making an application for the 2018 RYA Club of the Year Award. 

i.    Innovation – recognising a club initiative that makes a break from traditional ways of running a club or delivering boating activity. For example this could be delivery of activities at different times of the week, day or year, or organising different formats of training or racing to engage with new participants etc.;  

ii.    Inclusivity – aims to identify a club project which has been impactful in developing participation amongst people with disabilities or from other under-represented or disadvantaged groups. Emphasis should be on inclusivity not segregation;

iii.    Facility Development – where a club has undertaken facility developments and has been creative and resourceful in the design, minimised environmental impact, and/or shown innovation in securing funding and provision of club facilities: 

 iv.    Increasing Participation – acknowledging a club that has delivered the most impactful participation project, the outcomes of which are, attracting and retaining new participants and growing their membership;  

v.    Communications  – a club that has embraced the use of modern communications, e.g. social media platforms or who have been proactive and forward thinking in their communications and marketing  using websites, local press, radio etc.

See the website for 'How to Apply'