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Reporting on incidents and accidents

boats launching To report or not to report, that is the question…

Once upon a time, organisations tended to be very reluctant to report incidents and accidents.

There were many reasons for this. Fear of getting into trouble, concern over being seen to have failed and a lack of understanding as to who to report to are just a few of the reasons to sweep things under the carpet.

Thankfully those days are long gone and we now tend to receive reports on most occasions where an RYA training centre encounters an accident or incident.

Why do we want to know?

Quite simply, if we know about accidents we can begin to spot patterns and in many cases this allows us to take positive steps to try and minimize the risk of it happening again.

Importantly, we can inform other training centres of the risk and, where appropriate, we can adjust course syllabi and communicate direct to the boating public.

If we are not informed, we have no visibility of trends and can only assume that all is well.

What do we need to know?

Papercuts, stubbed toes and sunburn are all painful but realistically not something the RYA can have much of an influence over. From a training centre viewpoint the following types of incidents are the ones you are bound to report to us under the terms of your RYA recognition contract: ·        

  • A fatality
  • Where the incident involves hospitalisation    
  • Where the incident is required to be reported to the MAIB
  • Where you believe there are lessons to be learned from the incident
  • Where you are in any doubt as to whether it should be reported

If we know about a serious incident we can also provide support to the training centre in terms of dealing with media, advice on dealing with families and the authorities and also legal advice where necessary.

In the aftermath of a major incident things happen very quickly. If we are in the loop we can support you in making good decisions at a critical time where the wellbeing of your staff, your members, your customers and the future of your organisation may all be at risk.

If in any doubt contact RYA Training for a chat and we can decide between us whether the incident warrants reporting of not.

Our Guidance for Major Incident Procedures contains a handy reporting triggers flowchart to help you identify who you need to contact and how to reach them.

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