Rate Relief

We have been asked by a number of clubs recently as to whether as a CASC they are also eligible to claim Small Business Rate Relief.   Unfortunately the answer is no.  Ratepayers are effectively allowed one relief.  Therefore if your club is a registered CASC, it will receive 80% mandatory rate relief but no small business rate relief.

Unfortunately this does mean that a CASC occupying a property with a new rateable value of less than £12,000 will be worse off than a non CASC occupying a building of the same size.

The Government is aware of these anomalies and in the Autumn Statement the Chancellor doubled rural rate relief from 50% to 100% to ensure village shops and post offices were not in a similar situation.

We are in negotiation with the S&RA over the possibility of sport lobbying Government to impose the same increase for CASCs i.e. increase CASC rate relief to 100% and will keep you advised as to progress.

If you would like any further information on rate relief please email legal@rya.org.uk

Safeguarding your club

The coverage of allegations of historical sexual abuse in football at the end of last year raised everyone’s awareness of the need to ensure that safeguarding policies and procedures in sports clubs with young members are as robust as possible.

We recommend that any club with members or participants aged under 18, even if it doesn’t run any specific junior training or activities, has at least a basic policy in place. Clubs with RYA Recognised Training Centres are advised to ensure that a safeguarding policy is adopted by the club as a whole, not just the Training Centre, and that all members are aware of it.

The RYA publishes guidelines to help you draw up your club’s policy and procedures. 

The Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Guidelines have recently been updated and contain a short sample club policy which covers the essential points. You can then add the sections and template documents relevant to your organisation. A new four-page ‘short guide’ to safeguarding for club members can be downloaded from the same page.

There is also information on the website on accessing criminal records disclosures and on the various safeguarding training options available. 

If you have any questions about your safeguarding procedures, please contact the RYA’s Safeguarding and Equality Manager, Jackie Reid, at safeguarding@rya.org.uk or on 023 8060 4104