At the RYA Club Conferences the workshops run by the agency SocialB were amongst the most popular attended. SocialB have created a series of short, easy to follow webinars. The first two have been created as a follow on, however don't worry if you missed the conference- they still make sense! 

Please share these webinars with the relevant members of your club and look out for more in the following editions of Clubroom. SocialB will be at the RYA Club Workshops at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show.

What to post to Facebook

Having a club Facebook is as common as having a website for most of you now.

But while many clubs use Facebook well as a way to communicate with current members and to create a sense of online community, how well does it work to recruit newcomers? From getting started to gaining members, this webinar shows you how!

Being found online

In a world where everything is done online, if you want to present your club as a professional, welcoming outfit, your website is where your first impressions are made-it’s the front door you open to invite people in. This webinar will make sure you make the most of your website and maximise the amount of people who see it.