The 2017 RYA Affiliated Club Membership Census is now live and your RYA Club Contact will have been sent an email explaining how to complete it online, so please do take the time to complete it thoroughly.

Our aspiration is to be able to feedback to you any key observations or learnings arising, at the Affiliated Club Conferences in the autumn and via publication of an ‘Insight pack’.

The information we gather from the census, along with data from other sources such as the Watersports Participation Survey, and the RYA Club Member Survey helps us to build a clearer picture of some of the issues affecting clubs and their membership. The more comprehensive the information you supply the more insightful and intelligent we can be about advising and support clubs going forwards.  

This year we are looking to collect the following information from clubs:

  • Total number of members at the club,
  • Number of family memberships and juniors, 
  • Male /female split,
  • Whether the membership at your club has increased, decreased or stayed about the same over the past two years, and possible reasons for the change,
  • The number of new club members and those not renewing membership,
  • The membership capacity at your club, limiting factors and aspirations,
  • The percentage of club members that identify themselves as having a disability or being from a minority ethnic group.

You can view the full list of questions here.

How to complete the census

In early June each club was sent an e-mail containing the link to the online Census. This came from the e-mail address, so please check your spam /junk folders in case the message has found its way there.

Deadline for responses - 14thAugust 2017

Each year we aim to achieve at least an 85% response rate, to ensure that the Insights we draw from the information are robust and credible. 

To enable us to analyse the data and create the Insights document in time for the conferences and workshops taking place in the autumn, we ask that you complete the survey by the 14th August.

Each club completing the census before midnight on 14th August 2017 will be entered into a prize draw. One club will then be selected at random to receive a £500 prize of their choice, and two additional clubs will each receive a £250 prize.

More information about the Census and links to Insights from previous years can be found in Club Zone.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or your club has not received the email please contact us at